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About the Farm

From Tiny Acorns

Oak Tree Farm grew out of our love for the land, for animals and for gardening.

Located in the village of Woodborough in rural Nottinghamshire, the farm is named after the listed oak which welcomes you at the gate.

We manage around 30 acres of land and care for alpacas, sheep and chickens.

At the heart of what we do is the desire to work in harmony with nature and the land.

farm oak tree view.jpg

Our alpacas are gentle on the land and feed it with their manure. 

In the farm garden, the poly-tunnel extends the growing season and allows us to produce a wide range of edible flowers and herbs. 

We encourage native, wild plants in our hedgerows and allow small areas of woodland to develop so that we can forage for leaves, fruit and fungi. 

We all value the sense of wellbeing that comes from being connected to this place and want to share it with others. 

Our Team

spinney swing.jpg

It takes teamwork to run the farm


We couldn't do it without everyone's willingness to tackle a whole range of tasks. One day we might be planting trees and the next collecting alpaca poo! 

We are also lucky to have friends and family members we can call on when needed. 

Farm Residents


Oak Tree Farm is home to alpacas, sheep and chickens (with ducks on the way!), not to mention the farm cats and Eve the sheep dog.

The sheep and alpacas live happily together (except when the sheep try to eat the alpacas' food!).

The chickens give us eggs and eat the weeds from the farm garden.

eve watching dec 1.jpg
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