Our Alpacas


The Oak Tree Alpaca Herd

Our herd has grown steadily over the past four years and now we are home to almost 30 alpacas. 

Alpacas are curious and gentle animals who thrive in the company of other alpacas. They come from South America originally and are part of the camelid family. They are sometimes confused with llamas, but are smaller and spit much less!

Alpacas are well-known for their fantastic fleeces - softer than lambswool and incredibly tough. They are sheared once a year, usually in May. 

We have been lucky enough to have had 13 births over the past two years. Baby alpacas are called crias and are born after 11 months. It's been lovely seeing them grow. 

The benefits of spending time with animals are well known so we offer the opportunity for people to come and visit. 


You can also book alpacas for special occasions like weddings or visits to care homes, schools or other venues - just get in touch to find out more.


We sell pure alpaca wool rugs made in the Outer Hebrides which are just beautiful. See the rugs here.

As well as making use of their fleeces, we also use their poo in the Farm Garden. Of course, there is plenty of it so we also sell both small bags of alpaca "beans" for bonsai and houseplants and larger sacks of mulch. Find out more here


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