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Made from Alpaca
See how we process the fleece and the things we make thanks to the Oak Tree Alpaca Herd.

Fresh from shearing


Fresh from an alpaca, the fleece from the back (known as the blanket) is skirted by hand to remove vegetation and unwanted short fibres.



The fleece is carded on a drum carder to comb it. This lines up all the fibres ready to work with.



The fleece is spun into yarn on a spinning wheel and then plyed, ready for knitting.

twirly scarf brwn ear hat gryaug23.jpg


We spin the fleece into yarn and then hand knit a range of beautifully soft items to keep you warm!


Woven Rugs

The Pocket House Studio in the Isle of Lewis has woven the herd's fleece into stunning rugs - we just have a few remaining.

Needle-Felted Creations

You can buy needle-felted alpacas, decorations and other items all created with love.


Wet-felted Items

Something magical happens when fleece meets soap and agitation! 

Have a look at our felted soaps and insoles for cosy feet.

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