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Buy Our Produce

Our herbs, leaves and edible flowers are naturally grown and hand picked. 

Have a look at our current price list here:

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Edible Flower Menu

We can sell mixed tubs or you can choose which edible flowers you would like
Prices between £8 and £20
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Flowery, Herby, Leafy Salads

Our salads are a tasty mix of hand-picked seasonal garden and foraged leaves, soft herbs and edible flowers.

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Get in touch to order and you can collect from the farm or we can deliver by arrangement.

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Alpaca Manure

Alpaca poo is a frequent topic of conversation at the farm because it is such a fabulous resource for the Farm Garden.

Alpacas are ruminants and the way their digestive system works means that we can use their poo straight away on the land. 

Find out more here!

There are two sorts of poo: larger solids and small, shiny alpaca beans. 

Both the larger solids and the straw from the alpaca stables are used on the herb and edible flower beds. 

We sell both large sacks of alpaca mulch/manure and small bags of dried beans so get in touch to ask about costs and delivery.

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