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Around the Farm

Walking through the changing landscape


Walking through the fields

When you come for a walk with the alpacas, you get to see a different view of the farm. We head off across the fields and into an ever-changing landscape. 


Walking with Alpacas 

The boys in the herd wear head collars when they are walking with us and we talk you though holding the rope and walking alongside them. 

Connecting with the alpacas, experiencing the changes of pace, noticing what they notice and finding a way to be together is what it is all about. 

Walking an alpaca.jpg
Feeding the girls.jpg

Meeting and Feeding in the Fields

The girls in the Oak Tree Herd are always on the look out for a snack! 

You will go into the fields alongside the girls (and their babies) and offer them some of their favourite food. 

Being able to watch these curious and gentle creatures close up is fascinating and you'll also work out who is the cheekiest and greediest! 

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