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The Farm Garden


How Our Garden Grows

The Farm Garden has slowly evolved over the past five years and is home to a wide range of veg, herbs and edible flowers and now Christmas trees.

The design of the garden aims to combine beauty with practicality and the search for straight lines is on-going!

With the help of the poly-tunnel, we aim to grow as much from seed as possible and we gather seeds at the end of the season to use the following Spring. 

We compost all weeds, straw, manure and leaves to make mulches and feeds for the garden. 

​Over time, we are learning more about what grows well here. We do not use pesticides, and instead use companion planting and expect to lose a little of our crop to the insects and other creatures who share the land with us. 

The Fruit of the Land

​The alpacas benefit from cuttings of aromatic and cleansing herbs as part of their bedding and the garden is repaid in plentiful alpaca pooh to nourish the soil.

We make herb teas for the forager and grow spring and summer flowers and pumpkins to complement the alpaca experiences.


We can supply flowery herby salads, fresh and dried herbs and edible flowers to home cooks and chefs, wedding and event planners, cake-makers and local cafes.


We can also respond to specific requests to grow specialist ingredients. Last year, we added fennel pollen, spaghetti squash, anise hyssop and lovage to our range. 

cabbage white.jpg

Valuing Variety

We grow an increasing number of herbs and edible flowers and are always looking to expand our range. 

Wherever possible we choose heritage varieties and to grow more than one type of each herb or flower. 

This approach helps when pests strike as we are less likely to lose the whole crop. 

It also allows us to appreciate the variety and richness that is possible in nature. 

Our intention is to build a gallery of all that we grow, showcasing the plants and exploring flavour, uses and meanings of herbs and flowers. 

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