Our Sheep

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Cameroon Flock

Cameroon sheep are a rare but hardy breed which comes from Africa, as their name suggests.

They have a hairy rather than woolly coat and shed their insulating layer in the summer, so don't need to be sheared. 

We have a very handsome ram, some very friendly ewes (particularly this one called Sandra!) and have had two sets of lambs arrive in the past 12 months. It is not unusual for these sheep to give birth twice in a year.

We now have a small number of Cameroon sheep for sale. 

Meet Matteo: 

Valais Blacknose Ram

Last year we welcomed Matteo to Oak Tree Farm. The Valais Blacknose breed comes from Switzerland and are known for their amazing curly fleece and characteristic black patches on their legs.

These sheep have become popular in recent years and are bred to high standards. They are very hardy and well-suited to harsh winters. 

He is a friendly and calm addition to the farm, and we are looking forward to the birth of his lambs soon! 

matteo frosty jan.jpg

Kerry Hill Sheep

This is Barney, our Kerry Hill ram.

The breed is characterised by white faces with black markings around the eyes, mouth and ears. They also have black markings on their legs.

Another hardy breed, their lambs tend to grow quickly and stand up to the elements. 

We are looking forward to lambing 2021 - there were 19 lambs in 2020.


We'd love you to join us for some LambWatch 2021 experiences so keep an eye out for news!

Suffolk Sheep

The Suffolk breed has been around since the 18th Century and is one of the most numerous breeds in the world. 

With black faces, black legs and white fleece, these are the archetypal English sheep!