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Book a Visit to the Garden

The farm garden is a lovely place to spend some time. Overlooked by the Oak Tree Alpaca Herd, the garden offers an opportunity to connect with the land. 

The carefully planned mix of edible flowers, culinary herbs and medicinal plants gives you the chance to see a kaleidoscope of colour and smell the fragrances that attract pollinators and soothe or excite our nervous systems.


You can watch the chickens go about their foraging or look on as the alpacas graze in their fields.

Come for up to 2 hours and spend some time relaxing and wandering around the willow enclosed garden, slowing down and looking on as nature does its thing. 

All visits must be booked in advance so we can offer the best experience to guests.

£5 for adults

£2.50 for children aged 6 to 16 years

Little ones under 6 are free with a paying adult. 

Farm Garden in Spring
Garden Art and Illustration

Why is spending time in nature so good for us?

When we are amongst trees and plants, we escape from the predictability of the man-made environment. Nature allows us to look with 'soft fascination' and gives our problem-solving brains a break from trying to work out the patterns. I often find solutions to problems after a break in the garden. 

And did you know that research has shown that our immunity gets a boost with an increase in natural killer cells? Also our levels of cortisol tend to drop after a short time in nature, indicating a decrease in stress.

Keep an eye out for some more information about the benefits of spending time in nature.

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