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Get in touch to arrange bringing your tree back to the farm 


We hope your Oak Tree Farm Christmas tree is bringing you lots of joy and looked after the presents well... 

Time to think about returning your Christmas trees to the farm!

♻️Cut trees will be chipped.


🎄Potted trees will be assessed by the gardener and if they look like they might survive, we'll be in touch with a care agreement and details of how to pay. Please give us your email address so we can send this out. 

Please label your potted tree with your name so we know who it belongs to! 

Pot-Grown Christmas Trees

A container grown tree has been grown in the pot, so the roots are stronger and healthier. These trees are generally smaller so the roots can supply the tree and we can plant them out again. This is a great idea for the environment and allows you to hold onto memories and tradition as your tree grows with you or your family.

Price for potted trees start at £40 for the smallest (2.5ft) to £75 for the largest (7ft). Just get in touch to ask what is in stock.

This year you can choose from:

  • Nordmann Fir (Abies Nordmanniana) has thick soft glossy needles that are dark green on the top and blue green on the underside. They are renowned for holding onto its needles. It is an unscented tree with a wide base for lots of presents!

  • Fraser Fir (Abies Fraserii) may be the perfect festive holiday tree they have a perfect shape and aroma and soft but strong branches with silvery green soft needles. With space between the branches it is perhaps easier to decorate than other trees. 

  • Blue Spruce (Picea Pungens) make a striking cylindrical Christmas tree and gives off a subtle pine fragrance. It holds needles well and the branches are stiff and hold decorations well. The needles are quite sharp though so wear gloves.  

After Christmas, you can plant the tree in your garden or arrange to bring it back to the farm for Christmas Tree Care. 

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Cut Christmas Trees

Cut Trees are sourced from sustainable forests and have now arrived!  

  • Nordmann Fir.                           5-6 ft, 6-7 ft and 7-8 ft

  • Fraser Fir.                                 6-7 ft or 7-8 ft

  • Noble Fir                                 6-7 ft or 7-8 ft 

See picture above for prices.

Noble Fir (Abies procera) is perhaps the largest and most handsome of the firs with a broadly conical crown and upcurved sturdy blue-green needles which can hold big heavy decorations.

We also sell stands for cut trees at £25 each.


After Christmas, you can return these to the farm for chipping and we will use the mulch on the farm.