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Christmas Trees 2023

Pot-Grown Christmas Trees

We've got some beautiful premium quality pot-grown trees this year, grown in the UK and chosen specially for the farm!

As they have been grown in the pot, the roots are stronger and healthier. These trees are generally smaller so the roots can supply the tree and we can plant them out again. This is a great idea for the environment and allows you to hold onto memories and tradition as your tree grows with you or your family.

This year you can choose from:

  • Nordmann Fir has thick soft glossy needles that are dark green on the top and blue green on the underside. They are renowned for holding onto its needles. It is an unscented tree with a wide base for lots of presents!

  • Spruce Trees have shorter, squarer needles and because of its upturned branches, ideal for lots of decorations (like our needle-felted stars!).

Trees start at £45 for a small Nordmann Fir and £65 for the larger Spruce trees.  

Drop us an email to enquire about reserving and paying for your tree. We deliver locally - just ask for more details. 

After Christmas, you can plant the tree in your garden. 


Cut Christmas Trees

Cut trees have arrived!  

This year we have 6ft to 8ft nordmann firs, ranging in price from £55 to £75.

We also sell stands for cut trees at £25 each and delivery as for pot-grown trees. 


After Christmas, you can return these to the farm for chipping and we will use the mulch on the farm.  

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